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Chelsea Levy Adams (right)

I am 6th grade ELA teacher by day and an artist by night . Lover of all things Jesus, Chick-fil-a, sweet tea, wildflowers, good books, and essential oils. Married to my best friend and mama to the sweetest boy!

Chae Levy Saucier (left)

I'm a freelance graphic designer & stay at home mama. I have two precious babies & the best husband. You can find me at the gym, Chipotle, or on the couch getting all the snuggles!


Hi Y'all!

We are Chelsea and Chae, two Southern sisters who have a love for people, Jesus, delicious food and the good ole South!


Our goal is to create incredible products that represent how Mississippi is home to wonderful people and how it truly is an amazing place to live. We want others to be proud of their Southern roots just like we are! 

We are so glad you are here and cannot wait to share our Southern designs with you! 

What's the name all about?

Growing up less than two years apart, we were always known as the Levy Girls. As we decided to go into business together, it only felt fitting to name it after who we are! 

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